v i g n e t t e

Passionate about innovative and sustainable design, I am committed to designing in ways that reduce the impact on the environment and support ecological regeneration, while simultaneously lowering maintenance and utility costs. Designing structures to maximize passive technologies minimizes active technologies, I believe structures can be smart machines silently working to collect energy, water, breezes and light, one system supporting another in seamless unison.  I strive to integrate nature into design, merging landscape with interiors and creating exterior spaces that invite users to inhabit the outdoors. I enthusiastically embrace projects of all size & scope and look forward to joining your team to explore new possibilities.


5 thoughts on “v i g n e t t e

  1. Hi Laurie

    Congratulations on your LEED certification! Kudos! Love the look of your blog; did you take that refreshing image of grass?

    Feedback- I would put your statement in the first person. Everyone understands a blog is written by a single person. If it was written in the first person, you would come across as more authentic.

  2. Congratulations Laurie. Love your work – you are obviously very talented. The projects that you listed are beautiful and tasteful and with so many details thoughtfully appointed. This is a great site – my only feed back is I noticed a typo- the word embrace has an s at the end of it. Blessing on you my friend!

  3. Thank you Laura for your attentive eye. Paula suggested that I use first person rather than third, in doing so I missed the tense that reflects this.
    There will be more to come as I finalize posts discussing various sustainable issues, and get projects photographed/posted.


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