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What do we mean by Sustainability?  A simple but pertinent defintion:

‘providing for the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to provide for their needs’.

From the perspective of global leadership, there are three main areas of focus for sustainable development: generating economic growth without harming the environment; protecting and regenerating environmental diversity, more concisely, environmental stewardship; and promoting social equality. It is clear that if we are to thrive on this earth, both now and in the future, our economic growth must incorporate strategies and technologies that will not only protect what is left of the environment but promote the regeneration of ecological biodiversity and reverse adverse effects that threaten the health and balance of environmental systems.  As a world community, each of us play a vital role in promoting the health of the environment; social equality is paramount for the success of this effort.

How can these concepts become actionable in our individual daily life?  In every decision we make!  It requires new vision, new commitment, a new lifestyle! Education is key to understanding how our daily decisions impact our surroundings and guide us toward approaches that will assure a beneficial outcome.

Where to begin?  For a concise, somewhat simplified but enteretaining explanation of the issues we face, I suggestion Annie Leonard’s “Story of Stuff”.


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